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History: 24 years of perfomance engine history, 18 years of race engine history,12 years of marine race history will mean product satisfaction for you.

 To minimise the risk to you, we offer a 100% workmanship guarantee,
very few in the performance industry offer this.


Featured above are two of our more recent big engine projects. The one to the left is a 510ci Big Block, Twin turbo, Motec injected, making around 1400HP. The package on the right is 502ci Big  Block, Twin turbo with twin PWR barrel coolers, Motec injected, making around 1200HP. They are  both a product of years of R and D on turbo charged Big Blocks and the demands placed on them in endurance boat racing. Through our extensive R and D program we have been able to track  down some major faults with the original design of some key areas of the Chev Big Block when used  in this application. Our engine packages now have these faults engineered out of them creating  amazing reliability and power with less maintenance than anything else offered in Australia.

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